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Vaccinations are often started when our pets are younger to remind the body to produce antibodies to prevent disease and infections. The injections can start from 8-9 weeks of age and the second injection is to be given several weeks later.

A booster vaccination should be given 12 months after the first vaccines to ensure that the body has a good level of immunity therefore protecting the body from diseases and infections.

Vaccinations are a useful and lifesaving injections that prevents disease from spreading to other animals. It also prevents your pet getting infected with fatal diseases.

Our health care plan includes yearly boosters and all other essential needs for the year, the cost is spread over affordable monthly payments.

Are there any risk from vaccinating my pet?

Adverse effects from vaccinations are rare, however there can be side effects in some individuals. These effects usually are mild and can include lethargy, in appetence, tenderness at the injection site, vomiting, diarrhoea or a lump at the site of injection.

In recent years it has been reported that tumours can develop at the site of injection. However it is now recognised that this is a very rare occurrence and it seems that both vaccines and other injectable products can carry a small risk of inducing this problem. We have seen one case in the last 20 years of vaccinating thousands of pets.

If you are concerned of over vaccination then please discuss this with one of our vets, as we may be able to tailor a specific vaccination program for you and your pet.

However we strongly recommend you vaccinating your pet as the chances of them contracting one of the many debilitating and fatal diseases are far higher than developing a vaccination reaction.

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