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Senior Health Check

When our pets reach their golden years, their needs change as they age.

This is due to the inevitable wear and tear on their body, after all they have been functioning for some time! Conditions that are commonly seen amongst our older pets are: arthritis, obesity, and senility.

There are more serious diseases our pets can suffer from, such as liver failure, kidney, or heart and lung disease. These conditions are debilitating and early diagnosis is key to maintaining your pet’s health and wellbeing.

These offers are only available for Dogs 10 years and over and Cats 10 years and over.

Phone: 01989 564687, to book an appointment anytime during the day to suit you or come along to one of our open consultations.

Senior health check for just £49.99

  • A Full clinical examination with one of our vets
  • A blood test to check your pets kidneys, liver and other internal organs are in good working order.
  • This would normally cost £107.40!!!!

Platinum discounts on the following:-

  • 10% discount on dental procedures and treatment
  • 10% off Caniflex senior, a supplement to aid joint and brain function
  • Free trail of arthritis medication, subject to eligibility and availability.

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