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Raptors & Owls

At Vine Tree Vets we are able to provide comprehensive medical care and advice for all Raptors and Owls.

We strongly recommend annual health checks- often best done prior to the Birds flying season. In addition we advise, faeces sample collection and analysis twice yearly, – during and at the end of a flying season. These samples are tested for common internal parasites enabling early treatment when indicated.

Whilst we encourage daily checks by yourself for your Birds, our own avian vet, a Falconer himself, is available to be seen by contacting the surgery to arrange an appointment.

This will help minimize stress on your bird, and ensure the necessary time can be dedicated to investigating any medical concerns.

Helpful Information

Skin and Feather Disorders

A Brief list of parasitic courses of skin and feather disorders is available under parasite diseases.   Some additional causes of disorders include:- Folliculitis Commonly localised area presents with feather loss, damage or chewing. Closer examination identifies...

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Respiratory problems

Most of the predisposing causes of respiratory diseases in raptors relate back to husbandry. They are however the most common reason for a bird to be presented to us at the surgery. As with many aspects of Raptors, health prevention of disease is optimal, but if not...

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Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases are widespread and varied but a summary of information is provided:- Viral Influenza A* – respiratory signs of varied severity Paramyxovirus 1* – neurological signs contracted from: poultry/pigeons/wild birds. Herpesvirus – anorexia,...

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Bone Fractures

Leg Fractures The most common fractures seen in captive Falcon Birds are those of the tibia – tarsus. These are usually linked to episodes of strong baiting in tethered birds, especially if the leash is too long. Such fractures usually respond well to surgery...

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Bird Parasites

Parasite diseases Oral and gut parasites   Nematodes Roundworms (ascarids) and thread worms (capillaric). These are common parasites of raptors. Capillaric affects the oral cavity producing white plaque lesions, they may also be found in the intestines. It’s...

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Bumble Foot

This is a common condition in raptors especially Falcons, several factors are involved however the main causal agents are:   Pressure sores Abrasions Bacterial In essences bruising or abrasions result in damage to the skin on the underside of the foot. Bacteria...

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Bird Nutrition

The topic of nutrition is a big one! Please ring if you wish to discuss any nutrition issues or concerns. A few key points in brief: RAPTORS AND Owls are “whole animal feeders”, feeding just meat e.g. beef, will result in nutritional deficiencies. Feed whole carcasses...

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Pet Insurance

Insurance can be quite daunting at times! What type of policy do I need? How much excess will I have to pay? How do I make a claim? The list of questions can be endless! At Vine Tree Vets, we always recommend that where possible, you insure your pet for those...

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Bird Advice

Here at Vine Tree Vets we can see and treat all birds. From the smallest bird to the emus and ostriches. The birds were normally see from day to day include: Small psittacines (budgies and cocatiels) Large psittacines (parrots and parakets) Poultry, game birds,...

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Operations and procedures

Firstly rest assured that your pet will receive the best care and love from our nursing team and our vets, whilst they are in our care. Pre admission requirements are personally tailored to your pet’s specific needs. Please take every opportunity to ask any questions...

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Passerine birds

Passerine birds can be divided into 2 groups – Hardbills (seed based diet) and Softbills (eaters of fruit) At Vinetree Vets we provide a comprehensive service for all passerine birds. We have specific avian housing and are fully equipped to deal with a wide variety of...

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