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The topic of nutrition is a big one!

Please ring if you wish to discuss any nutrition issues or concerns.

A few key points in brief:

  • RAPTORS AND Owls are “whole animal feeders”, feeding just meat e.g. beef, will result in nutritional deficiencies. Feed whole carcasses of appropriate size, or break down bones if required.
  • Day old chicks are very often the main portion of bird’s diets. This is fine but in order to provide many essential vitamins and minerals they must be supplemented with other food types e.g. Rodent/Quail/Pheasant. Also please note that with day old chicks that are deyoked the nutritional value is reduced by at least 50% especially in relation to calcium and fat soluble vitamins.
  • Feeding off a kill;

Any prey caught must be checked for any signs of trauma indicating that it has been shot. This can be difficult in the field. We have seen several cases of heavy metal poisoning – usually linked to the ingestion of pellets off wild caught prey. The same is true for birds picked up by dogs and or hit by cars. All such birds have failed the fitness for life test and so present a potential risk of both toxicity and infection to your bird.

  • Food preparation;

Must be done hygienically. Defrosting food must be done in a fridge and not left out on the side or soaked in warm water.

Defrosted food should never be re-frozen.

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