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Insurance can be quite daunting at times!

  • What type of policy do I need?
  • How much excess will I have to pay?
  • How do I make a claim?

The list of questions can be endless!

At Vine Tree Vets, we always recommend that where possible, you insure your pet for those unexpected veterinary bills. We are a pet plan practice. This means that we have had the necessary training to help you choose the correct insurance for you and your pet.

Veterinary bills can spiral out of control especially if your pet needs lifesaving treatment.

Any cover if better than none!


Policy types

There are 3 different types of policy. A 12 month policy, life time cover, and accident only cover.

What do they all mean?

12 month policy

A 12 month policy means that your pet will only be covered for a certain condition for 12 months. This twelve months will run from the time you make a claim to exactly 12 months later. Once that time limit is up you will not be able to claim for that condition again. However if another accident or illness occurs then this new condition will be covered for 12 months.

This policy usually has a fairly cheap premium so could be useful if you want to keep the monthly payments low.

Life time cover

Life time cover means that your pet’s condition will be covered for life! This policy will give you a certain amount of money per condition, per year. After 12 months of claiming, the original amount of money for that one condition will be replaced every year of the pet’s life.

This allows you to get the ultimate cover for your pet. There are four life policies that offer different quantities of cover, they can range from £4000, £7000 or even up to £12000.

Insurance companies offer different policy amounts, so that you (our clients) can have a choice to suit your budget.

It is best to go with as much as you can afford on insurance as £4000 isn’t hard to spend after a major illness or accident. If your pet needs referring to a specialist veterinary centre then this money is quickly swallowed up!

Accident only cover

Accident only cover your pet for a true accident. Road traffic accident, fight or fall. This type of insurance usually has a very low premium. Vine Tree Vets offer a £1000 accident policy with our health care plans, please visit this page to see more details on how to apply.


With most insurances you will be required to pay an excess (just like you would with your car)

Excesses vary depending on which policy you have chosen. It is essential however tedious it is to read the small print, occasionally you will be required to pay the excess plus a percentage of the treatment yourselves.

With some policies you will also be required to pay an excess every policy year if you are claiming for life long treatment.

Or there are some policies that you pay for one excess for that one condition (usually this is a policy with a certain amount of money to spend on that one condition).

How do I make a claim?

Making a claim is easy. We can help you all of the way. You will need to telephone your insurance company and request a claim form or you may be able to download one from the internet.

You will need to fill in your details and sign the form. Then you can post or bring it in for our Head Nurse Alison Leake to process. Ali will then send it to the insurers with all the relevant documents needed. We do this free of charge as part of our ongoing support.

If you have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to call us 01989 564687

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