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Firstly rest assured that your pet will receive the best care and love from our nursing team and our vets, whilst they are in our care.

Pre admission requirements are personally tailored to your pet’s specific needs. Please take every opportunity to ask any questions or express any concerns you may have we will be more than happy to help.

When you bring your pet in to stay with us, you may request that we perform a pre-operative blood test. This is to check basic kidney and liver function, we will also place your pet on an intravenous fluid drip throughout the procedure to assist with your pet’s recovery. We strongly recommend this as it can be useful information for your pet’s health.

Once the nurse has settled your pet into our kennels the vet will carry out a pre-operative health check to ensure they are fit for the procedure to be carried out. We may need to telephone you if we feel your pet needs different treatment, so please ensure that you give us an up to date contact number.

Your pets requirements will always be discussed with you prior to any procedures to ensure we all have a clear understanding of your pet’s needs.

Once we have anaesthetised or sedated you pet they are constantly monitored during and after the procedure. On recovery they are placed in a warm, comfortable kennel and continue to be monitored until they return home.

For the majority of procedures patients are able to go home the same day. This is assessed on an individual basis by our vets in conjunction with owners to ensure the best for your pet.


When your pet goes home

Upon discharge we will take you through all the necessary after care instructions including medication and dietary requirements. Please ask any questions you have we are happy to answer any queries or concerns.

We are always here for you, so please telephone if you have any concerns when your pet is at home with you.


Revisits and examinations

We always like to see our patients back to ensure that they have recovered well and that you are happy with their progress. We will advise you when the best time would be.



During the evening and out of hours on the weekends they will be secure in their kennel and their needs tended regularly, by our duty vet.

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