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Diabetes awarness month

Diabetes Mellitus (DM)                             Diabetes Mellitus is a disease of the body where the pancreas fails to make insulin.  Insulin is a hormone that regulates glucose absorption within the body.  There are two types of DM.  Type 1 is often seen in...

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Dental month continues through December!

We are extending dental month through to the end of December as we feel we have raised an incredible awareness to our clients, so please come in for your pets FREE dental check up. Dental month This November  and December look inside your pets mouth! Is it smelly? Do...

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Get Exotic at Archenfield Vets!

We now treat exotic species   consultation with     For November only       If you would like your exotic pet checked over, discuss their health and well being then please call the surgery and book your free appointment. Our vet Simon...

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Is your pet in pain?

September is Arthritis awareness month at Vine Tree vets. Now autumn is here and winter is just around the corner, the colder weather can aggravate arthritis.  Arthritis is a painful and miserable condition that your pet may be suffering from. This is a degenerative...

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Going away on holiday this summer?

This summer be prepared! Is your pet going on holiday with you? Or are they going into kennels or cattery? Either way you will have to get your pet ready for their trip! Here are a few ways in which we can help your pet pack.   [alert color=blue...

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Are your pets vaccinations upto date?

  [alert color=blue align=center]Vaccination amnesty[/alert] Vine Tree Vets are running a vaccination amnesty month for dogs and cats. This means we are giving a start-up vaccination course for the price of a routine yearly booster. It’s annoying when your pet’s...

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Is summer finally here?

We want our clients to be aware of the tragic events that can happen during the hot summer days. We hear all too many times that animals have died due to being left in a car or left without shade or water.  Your pet could easily suffer from heatstroke.  This is a...

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Cat Awareness month

Is your cat suffering in silence? Cats are stoical and private creatures, and some conditions can go un-noticed. This month we are raising awareness to all cat owners to help recognise cat specific diseases and problems.   Here is a list of some conditions that cats...

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Has your pet piled on the pounds?

Over the winter months its all too easy for us not to want to take are pets out and about, cats tend to stay in and sleep alot more.  This could lead to a serious problem with obesity. Recent studies have shown that if your pet is obese then its life expectancy can be...

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