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Pet safety With the run up to bonfire night nearly here, we hear fireworks going off weeks before-hand.  During this time we need to keep our pets safe and help them through this stressful time. In recent surveys it has shown that nearly 50% of dogs and cats suffer...

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August 2016 Vaccination Amnesty

This August at vine tree vets we are offering a vaccination amnesty…..this means you can get your pets vaccination, re- started for the cost of a booster. Why do we need to vaccinate?  We vaccinate our pets to prevent them from getting nasty incurable and life...

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Archenfield Vets are on the move!

  Simon and his wife Melanie have bought The Vine Tree Public house on the Walford road to transform into our new veterinary surgery. Due to the ever expanding business they felt that the current premises are now unsuitable. At the Vine Tree there is ample...

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Naughty dog!!!!!!!!

Does your dog………   Jump up? Pull on the lead? Constantly bark? Scared of going to the vets? Scared of load noises? Doesn’t like travelling? Is destructive? Soils in the house? Become aggressive with other dogs or people? Becomes agitated...

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Pet Bereavement

When the time comes to say goodbye……………… You and your pet share a very special and loving bond.  Your pet is a family member, a loyal faithful companion and your best friend.  The vets, nurses and receptionists at Vine Tree Veterinary surgery are here to help and...

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Blood donors needed!

We Need You and your dog! There are many medical and surgical problems where we need blood from another dog. We only have a few dogs on our books that are available for donating. Would you like your dog to become a donor? What we are looking for in a donor dog. Your...

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Flood Water dangers!

During this time of heavy down pours and flooding it is important to think about our pets needs. As there are limited places to walk at the moment with the vast flooding, all our local dog walkers will be walking in a smaller area.  This can increase the chances of...

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