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Infectious diseases are widespread and varied but a summary of information is provided:-


  • Influenza A* – respiratory signs of varied severity
  • Paramyxovirus 1* – neurological signs contracted from: poultry/pigeons/wild birds.
  • Herpesvirus – anorexia, green urates, death.
  • West Mite Virus* – neurological signs, followed by sudden death within 48 hours. Spread via mosquitoes.



  • Avian Tuberculosis*- long incubation time eventually showing with respiratory signs, chronic weight loss despite good appetites.
  • Pasteurella* – chronic respiratory or ocular disease.
  • Chlamydophilla*- respiratory or gut signs (more info under psitticines)
  • Clostridia – diarrhoea, paralysis, and death, obtained from contaminated/rotten meat.
  • Salmonella –rarely reported



  • Aspergillosis – see under respiratory problems
  • Coccidiosis – common cause of oral cavity lesions

*Please note that these conditions are zoonotic and as such can transfer to humans.


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