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During this time of heavy down pours and flooding it is important to think about our pets needs.

As there are limited places to walk at the moment with the vast flooding, all our local dog walkers will be walking in a smaller area.  This can increase the chances of passing on infections and bugs between our dogs.  You will need to watch out for any vomiting, diarrhoea and generally being off colour.  If you have any concerns then please call us for more advice.

Once getting back from a walk it is essential that you towel dry your dog to prevent them from getting cold.  If your dog is elderly or debilitated then you may want to think about getting your dog a jacket to protect them from the rain.

Remember our cats! Most cats hate the rain so it is important to provide them with a litter tray in a quiet location of the house so that they don’t have to venture outside.  This will save any surprises left for you in the house!

If you have any concerns please give us a call

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