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Pet safety

With the run up to bonfire night nearly here, we hear fireworks going off weeks before-hand.  During this time we need to keep our pets safe and help them through this stressful time.

In recent surveys it has shown that nearly 50% of dogs and cats suffer from firework stress, and many pets go missing every year due to being scared by the loud bangs and bright flashes.

If left untreated, firework stress can develop into other noise phobias such as gun shots and thunder. It even can elevate to every day sounds like car doors slamming.  We must not just think about the 5th of November when treating for firework stress. We need to teach our pets to cope weeks before the event happens.

A few simple things we can do for the night of the fireworks,

  • Keep your pet in one room of the house,
  • Draw the curtains, turn the lights on,
  • Keep the television or radio on fairly loud to muffle the sounds
  • Provide a den or hiding place for them to go into.

Please come into the surgery or telephone to ask for further advice from one of our nurses on how your pet can cope with firework stress for the 5th of November and the future.


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