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There are many considerations to think about when choosing a new member of the family.

Kittens can be very cute and cuddly but they are very curious and independent beings! Even though they can be independent they still need special care and attention.

If you decide to have a pedigree kitten a little research into their breed characteristics and possible health problems before embarking on the expensive purchase of the kitten.

Every year the Cats Protection have hundreds of cats and kittens through their doors needing homes. It is worthwhile to have a think about adopting an adult cat or one of their rescue kittens. If you do rescue a cat it is worthwhile you ask the rescue centre if they have been tested for FELV and FIV both of which are specific cat diseases and are fatal.

Once you have decided on an adult cat or kitten you will need to decide whether you would like a male or female. Both of which we would recommend you have them neutered to prevent unwanted kittens and help reduce the risk of disease.

Long haired or short haired both need regular grooming but with a long haired cat they will need daily grooming to prevent their fur becoming matted. During moulting season (usually Spring and Autumn) Both long haired and short haired will still need grooming. Central heating can contribute to continual moulting so grooming all year round will be needed.

Indoor cats will need special considerations for their environment and surroundings. They will need to be provided with both mental and physical stimulation. You can buy large activity centres for your cat to play, climb and sleep in.

Choosing to have a cat or kitten can be expensive! You will need to regularly treat them for fleas, worms and vaccinate them yearly. You will need to consider getting them neutered if you do not want to breed from them, have them micro-chipped and be prepared for any illnesses or accidents that may occur during their lives. Will you need to put them into cattery, if you decide to put them into a cattery it is a good idea to book them in for 2 days or so just to see how they cope. You may decide to get a house sitter or have a neighbour look after your pet whilst you are away.

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