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At Vine Tree Vets we aim to provide a comprehensive service for all avian species from raptors to back yard poultry.

We have dedicated hospitalisation facilities for birds with avian specific cages. We have a full range of diagnostic equipment including ultra sound, x-ray, rehabilitation facilities, endoscopy and in house blood, faecal and urinary analysers. We are equipped with all necessary anaesthetic equipment and our vets are experienced in a wide range of diagnostic and surgical procedures.

We are also happy to help with all aspects of husbandry and dietary advice. The vast majority of clinical conditions seen at the surgery are as a direct result of incorrect feeding or failure to provide an optimal habitat.

Helpful Information

Bird Advice

Here at Vine Tree Vets we can see and treat all birds. From the smallest bird to the emus and ostriches. The birds were normally see from day to day include: Small psittacines (budgies and cocatiels) Large psittacines (parrots and parakets) Poultry, game birds,...

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Operations and procedures

Firstly rest assured that your pet will receive the best care and love from our nursing team and our vets, whilst they are in our care. Pre admission requirements are personally tailored to your pet’s specific needs. Please take every opportunity to ask any questions...

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Passerine birds

Passerine birds can be divided into 2 groups – Hardbills (seed based diet) and Softbills (eaters of fruit) At Vinetree Vets we provide a comprehensive service for all passerine birds. We have specific avian housing and are fully equipped to deal with a wide variety of...

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