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Simon and his wife Melanie have bought The Vine Tree Public house on the Walford road to transform into our new veterinary surgery.

Due to the ever expanding business they felt that the current premises are now unsuitable.

At the Vine Tree there is ample parking and space for us to have separate kennels, cattery & exotics facilities, therefore enhancing the care we already provide with all the usual faces!

[heading title=”New Location, New Name, New Logo!”]

After much debating the Vine Tree team decided that a new name was necessary and fitting!

There fore Vine Tree Vets were born along with a new logo!

[heading title=”The Plans”]

 [accordion][accordion_section title=”Waiting Room & Reception”]

The waiting room will be of a larger size; therefore we are hoping to be able to supply pet accessories & food.

Julie and Pam our receptionists will be greeting you from behind the original wooden bar.  Sadly there will be no alcohol to serve our guests!!

[/accordion_section][accordion_section title=”The Consult Rooms”]

Both rooms lead from the waiting room.  This is where your pet will initially be seen.

If they have to stay at the surgery they will be taken straight through into the kennels or cattery without having to go back through the waiting room.

[/accordion_section][accordion_section title=”The Kennels”]

We will have a large walk in kennel for all our large breed patients & this kennel will also be suitable for isolation as it’s away from the main kennel area.

The remaining kennels are a block of different sizes to facilitate for all breeds.

[/accordion_section][accordion_section title=”The Cattery & Exotic housing”]

This room is away from the main hustle & bustle of the busy working areas.  It is also well away from the kennels where barking dogs can stress these little patients.

[/accordion_section][accordion_section title=”The Prep Room”]

This is the engine room of the practice, operations are prepared for & some surgery is carried out in this room.  We will have a dental table with x-ray facilities so we are able to achieve a higher standard of dental care, alongside our dedicated dental nurse and veterinary surgeon.

[/accordion_section][accordion_section title=”The X-ray Suite”]

Our x-ray suite is complete with a ‘floating table’ which will make handling & positioning our patients easier. Our digital processing machine enables us to process the x-ray images within 30 seconds resulting in faster diagnosis.[/accordion_section][accordion_section title=”The Exotic Prep Room”]

This is where we will treat all of our exotic patients.  All the specialist equipment will be readily at hand.

[/accordion_section][accordion_section title=”Theatre”]

All surgical procedures are carried out in this room.  This room will be clutter free & spacious.

[/accordion_section][accordion_section title=”Wash Room & Laboratory”]

This room will be used to wash all our equipment, package instruments & autoclave our instruments ready for surgery.

This room will also have all of our in house laboratory equipment.[/accordion_section][accordion_section title=”Pharmacy”]

The Pharmacy is where all our drugs are kept & dispensed from.  There will be a dedicated nurse in the pharmacy to dispense drugs which the vet has requested. Therefore going through 2 check points before reaching our patients.[/accordion_section][accordion_section title=”Lambing Area”]

The Lambing area is where we will be able to carry out lambing’s, sheep caesareans and other large animal surgical procedures.  This will be a secure location where there will be a pen for hospitalising large animal patients over night.[/accordion_section][accordion_section title=”Clinical Waste & Laundry”]

All of our veterinary waste will be segregated and stored in this area.  Our patient bedding, towels and drapes will be washed, disinfected and dried in this area.[/accordion_section]








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